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Welcome to the 2021 Long Island History Day Virtual Contest

The 2021 LIHD competition will be held in a fully virtual format utilizing the zFairs contest management system.

To get started, go to "Create Account" at the top of the page to register as a student, teacher or judge.

The registration fee for students has been waived for the 2021 contest! REGISTRATION IS FREE! 

Student registration closes on March 3rd at 11:59 pm, please have your final projects uploaded by that time. 

Judging rounds will run March 14 - 25, with final results announced on March 26, 2021.

Thank you for your support of the 2021 LIHD Virtual Contest and good luck to all! 


Please Visit the NEW YORK STATE HISTORY DAY Website For Information About the State Contest, Project Pointers and More!  

Click Here >> nyshd.weebly.com

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 Welcome to the Long Island History Day Student Page for the 2021 Virtual Competition! 

The Contest Registration fee has been waived this year! REGISTRATION IS FREE!

Please complete your registration and upload your final projects by 11:59 pm on March 3rd.

Please take note of these important LIHD Contest updates:

  • Due to the contest's virtual format, we will not be offering Special Awards this year.
  • The LIHD virtual contest will not include student interviews by our judges.  Once student contest registration closes, all projects will be distributed to our judges for evaluation, for both first-round and run offs.  Student interviews will not be conducted.
  • Process Papers: Since student interviews will not be part of the judging process, Process Papers will play a greater role than in previous years.  Please note that all categories require a Process Paper, including the Historical Paper category. Process Papers are to be uploaded into the zFairs system at time of registration. Listed below is a detailed explanation of what is a Process Paper, and what information it should include.
  • Winners will be announced on March 26th.  We are hoping to conduct a virtual live awards announcement on that day, and those details will be shared with you as soon as possible.

From the NHD Rule Book:

PROCESS PAPER: A process paper is required for projects in every category. The process paper must be 500 words or fewer, and must not include quotes, images, or captions (Figure 4, p. 24). The process paper words are counted separately and are not part of the word count in the paper, exhibit, or website categories. Your process paper must answer the following questions: 

1. How did you choose your topic and how does it relate to the annual theme? 

2. How did you conduct your research? 

3. How did you create your project? 

4. What is your historical argument? 

5. In what ways is your topic signifcant in history?


Welcome to the Long Island History Day Regional Contest Teacher Information Page

Click here  for Teacher Registration General Info (1).pdf

Why Should Your Students Participate in Long Island/New York/National History Day?

Students often ask: “Why do I need to learn this?”

History Day answers that question by making history come alive with real world experiences. Students explore local, state, national, and world history through a topic that relates to an annual theme, which requires students think critically and determine their topics’ significance over time. As an inquiry-based, experiential method of teaching social studies, History Day enables students to examine a smaller event, person, or place in history and relate it to the national or international story. Through this avenue of primary and secondary research, students come to their own conclusions about historical significance, and gain a greater understanding of why learning about history is valuable. Educators look for those “Aha!” moments; with History Day, students guide themselves to these revelations.Among many benefits, New York History Day:

  • Provides teachers with an assessment tool that engages students in history and makes them excited about learning
  • Meets New York State Learning Standards in Social Studies and English Language Arts
  • Provides a context for the study of history in students’ lives
  • Bolsters student academic performance in several disciplines, including research techniques, writing skills, historical knowledge, creativity, literacy, communication skills, and college readiness.
  • Gives the possibility of awards at the regional, state, and national levels
  • Showcases student achievement to the larger community

The National History Day program has been authorized by the United States Congress, and is recognized as the nation’s oldest and most highly regarded history program for students in grades six through twelve.

2021 Theme Book -.pdf


Thank you for Judging the 2021 Long Island History Day Virtual Competition! 

If you missed the LIHD Virtual Judge Training, below are the links to the recorded Zoom meeting and the written materials:

Judges Workshop Recording link:  Passcode: 1n$Xp3BT

Google Drive Google Folder


This year's contest will be judged in a fully virtual format for all five categories - Historical Paper, Website, Documentary, Performance and Exhibit. Virtual Judging will begin on March 14.  Please check the email address you provided for contest updates, judging assignment and instructions after March 3, 2021.

Thank you for judging this year's competition!  The success of the program could not be achieved without you!



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